Types of Printer

Business Printers
Laser beam Printers
The laser printer was created by Xerox of the 1960s if the thought of utilizing a laser to bring pictures onto a copier drum was for starters contemplated. Laser printers continue to be commonly used in big workplaces as they’re usually better compared to inkjet printers.

● Cheaper than inkjet printers
● Increases productivity
● High print speed

● Grows with the business of yours

● Might require short’ warm up times’
● Larger footprint
● High voltage consumption results in little carbon emissions

Solid Ink Printers

● Environmentally-friendly
● Produces vibrant tones

● Compact design
● Consumables call for less storage

● Requires cool-down time and warm-up
● Prints can’t be laminated

LED Printers
LED printers are like laser printers but have a light emitting diode instead of a laser to produce pictures on the print drum or perhaps belt. Because of their fewer moving parts – LED inkjets are usually viewed as reliable and efficient more than laser printers. Our hottest LED printers are made by OKI.

● Efficient and reliable
● Cheaper to produce than laser printers
● Often include completely free warranty extensions

● None

Business Inkjet Printers

● Capable of creating photo-realistic and detailed highly prints

● Small footprint


● Wet prints
● Could be much less reliable compared to laser printers

Home Office Printers
Created in the 1950s, inkjet printing engineering continues to be very well-liked nowadays because of its many benefits & very little drawbacks.

● Capable of creating photo realistic prints

● Small footprint

● High running expenses (Cost per page)

● Sometimes produce incorrect clean out cartridge warnings
● Vulnerable to clogging
● Wet prints


● Quick warm up time

● Potentially wet prints
interior design

multifunction printer

Usually referred to as all-in-one inkjets, multifunction inkjets are usually capable of executing printing, scanning, copying, and faxing tasks. This could streamline the conclusion of several things within an office or even household atmosphere, without any need for over just one product.

● More inexpensive than buying several devices
● More lightweight than getting several devices
● Perform numerous jobs simultaneously
● More energy effective than the implementation of several devices

● Can control usage time available for bigger workgroups.

All-in-One Inkjets

● High quality imprinted output
● Inexpensive and lightweight option to purchasing many machines
● Power efficient

● Wet prints
● High running costs

Dot Matrix
Pictures along with text are pulled out in small dots when a print top hits an ink soaked cloth contrary to the papers within the necessary formation or pattern.

● Low first unit costs
● Low running costs

● In a position to do in dirty and hot conditions

● Low resolution imprinted output
● Noisy

printing on a3 printer

They are also offered with each laser and also inkjet technology.

● Larger print size
● Wider selection of options

● Higher initial cost
● Larger footprint

3d printer

3D Probably the most thrilling developments in printing technology past, 3D printing is starting to be more and more economical for domestic and professional users. Modern 3D printers are able to creating 3D objects along with products using good quality resin.

● 3D prints
● Limitless possibilities
● Capacity for total customisation

● High initial costs

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