Replacing Ink Cartridges

In order to reduce print quality problems, change the ink cartridges when they’re minimal or perhaps of ink.
Replacing ink cartridges Use the next methods to change an ink cartridge.
Step one: Replace the outdated ink cartridge Eliminate the old ink cartridge and use the brand new ink cartridge.
Make certain the printer is left turned on. If needed, press the Power button () to flip the printer on.
Start the best cover of the printer.
Figure: Opening the top cover

Wait until the carriage moves to the best side of the printer and is quiet and idle.
Press down on the existing ink cartridge, after which glide it from the carriage.
Figure: Removing the printer ink cartridge

To switch the tri color ink cartridge, take out the ink cartridge from the remaining slot.
To switch the black colored ink cartridge, take out the ink cartridge from the correct slot.
Eliminate the brand new ink cartridge from its packaging and take the red tab to get rid of the defensive tape out of the ink cartridge.
Figure: Removing the protective tape

CAUTION: Don’t touch the ink nozzles or maybe copper connections on the ink cartridge. Touching these components are going to result in clogs, unhealthy electrical connections, plus ink failure. Don’t eliminate the copper strips. They’re needed electrical contacts.

Ink nozzles (do not touch)
Copper contacts (do not touch) Hold the ink cartridge therefore the copper strips are on the bottom level and facing toward the printer.
Slide the ink cartridge at minimal upward perspective to the carriage until the ink cartridge snaps into place.
Figure: Inserting the printer ink cartridge

The tri color ink cartridge is put in over the left aspect of the carriage.
The black colored ink cartridge is placed on the proper side of the carriage.
Close the high cover.
Figure: Closing the top cover

Step two: Align the brand new ink cartridge The ink cartridges needs to be aimed in order to keep probably the very best quality of printed documents possible. Check A4 or perhaps Letter, simple white papers, is packed in the input tray.
Open HP Solution Center utilizing among the next techniques.
Windows Vista: On the Windows taskbar, click on the Windows icon (), click on All Programs, point to HP, after which click HP Solution Center.
Windows XP: On the Windows taskbar, press Start, click on All Programs, point to HP, after which click HP Solution Center.
Click Settings, then click Printer Toolbox. The Printer Toolbox dialog box opens.
Click Align the Print Cartridges.
Click Align, after which implement the on screen steps.
The item produces a test page, aligns the ink cartridges, and also calibrates the product.
Be sure you’ve your substitute cartridges available before you start. You have to put in brand new cartridges right after taking out the older people.
Actually leave the old cartridges of yours within the printer until you’re prepared to change them to stop the print head nozzles from becoming dry. Don’t open ink cartridge packages until you’re prepared to set up the ink. Cartridges are vacuum packed to keep reliability.
Switch on the item of yours.
Raise up the scanner unit.

Don’t shift the print top by hand; or else, you might harm the device of yours. Don’t touch the flat white colored cable in the printer.
Press the stop button.
If a cartridge is very low or even expended, the print top moves the cartridge that is empty on the indication position. Press the stop button once again to check out for additional small or even expended cartridges. When all cartridges are revealed, the print top moves towards the substitute position.

If absolutely no cartridges are minimal and expended, the print mind doesn’t go. When you would like to change a cartridge before it’s minimal or even expended, press the stop button for six seconds. The print top moves towards the substitute position.
Squeeze the tab on the cartridge and raise the cartridge straight up to get rid of it.

Note: Dispose of used cartridges carefully. Don’t use the old cartridge apart or even attempt to refill it.
Warning: If ink gets on the skin of yours, clean it thoroughly with water and soap. If ink gets into the eyes of yours, flush them right away with clean water. If ink gets into the mouth of yours, spit it out there and visit a physician instantly. Keep on ink cartridges from the grasp of kids.
Before opening the brand new cartridge package, shake it lightly 4 or maybe 5 times.

Don’t shake the cartridges after opening the plans, or maybe printer ink could leak.
Get rid of the cartridge out of the deal.
Don’t touch the eco-friendly chip or even the tiny window over the cartridge. Use the new cartridge right after taking out the ancient one; in case you don’t, the print top might dry and also be unable to print.

Get rid of the yellow tape from the edge of the cartridge.

Don’t eliminate other seals or labels, or even ink will leak.
Drop in the brand new cartridge into the holder and drive it down until it clicks into place.

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