PrintLimit offers print control solutions for very small, large companies and medium, government, libraries, non profit organizations, schools, as well as different institutions. With the assistance of PrintLimit, you are able to take control of printing to help save cash and better use natural resources.

PrintLimit Print Tracking The software program is actually meant to assist educational facilities and companies of any size centralize print management. It’s a simple to wear print manager which enables you to monitor all printing activity, control who is printing and just how much is actually being printed, recognize the expense of printing across the entire business of yours, let secure print by card or PIN at the printer, eliminate wasted paper, as well as lower the printing costs of yours.

PrintLimit Print Release Station The application keeps print jobs paused until released manually by a user or perhaps administrator. It allows for you to minimize print volume and then lost paper by eliminating accidental, not needed, or maybe abusive printing.

Printer Meter Reading and Toner Monitor This software program could quickly scan the networking of yours as well as collect printer meter, Ink/toner level, IP address, model, serial number, MAC address and also give you the article every day, monthly or weekly. The software program also can notify you if the toner is very low.

Print Watermark / Header / Footer This handy tool is able to include the user name, pc name, day, time, page count, watermark or maybe any string to your printed document from just about all the apps of yours.

Case Studies:

Challenge: A bigger company has in close proximity to 400 printers installed on Windows Print Servers that are discussed. The business has to monitor all print jobs, help manage document output, control printing expenses, and allocate expenses.

Solution: PrintLimit Print Tracking was placed on every print server to track all printing activities. A report by department is produced at the conclusion of every month. For details, see Users Print to the Shared Printers on Windows Print Server (PrintserverPrinter).

Challenge: A mid size business doesn’t make use of the print server. It’s 150 printers configured locally (via USB, parallel or maybe Standard TCP/IP port). The business has to monitor just about all printing activities.

Solution: PrintLimit Print Tracking was placed on a server, and the addon “Print Job Agent” was pushed to other workstations with Windows Group Policy. A report by printer is produced at the conclusion of every month. For details, see Users Print to the IP Address of the Printer or maybe the Local USB Printer.

Challenge: A little architectural firm must have a means to observe and account for its in house printing to transport the printing expenses associated with project code to the clientele of theirs.

Solution: PrintLimit Print Tracking was placed on a laptop with the “Client Billing” feature enabled, and the addon “Print Job Agent” was placed on any other computers. When users print, they’re needed to choose a client code before the print jobs print. A report by client code is produced at the conclusion of every month. For details, see Assign Project Code/Client Code/Job Code to a Print Job.

Challenge: A faculty has 4 print servers, more than 1200 computers, and ten separated labs. The faculty must management and lower printing costs.

Solution: PrintLimit Print Tracking was placed on every print server and linked to the main SQL database. PrintLimit Print Tracking allocates a printing quota to other pupils and controls all printing activities automatically. When pupils print, a pop up print notification with the remaining quota is actually shown for these people to verify the printing. For details, see Allocate Print Quotas. The pupil may also be asked to enter the PIN before the print jobs print.

Challenge: A library has twenty computers and demands to manage the printing.

Solution: PrintLimit Print Release Station was placed on a personal computer to hold all print jobs. Each moment when users are printing, they have to produce a user ID and password that they are going to use to release their print tasks on the print release station. For details, see Online Demo.

Challenge: A business has thirty computers. The business must put in a watermark to ​​all printed documents from all the programs of theirs.

Solution: Print Watermark / Header / Footer was placed on every computer system. When users print from virtually any application program, a watermark is introduced to the printed paper automatically. For details, see Print Watermark / Header / Footer.

Challenge: A bigger organization has 500 network printers. They have to gather the meters monthly and get notifications when the toner is actually very low.

Solution: Printer Meter Reading and Toner Monitor was placed on an one-time pc to automatically collect the meters as well as send a report monthly. Additionally, it transmits alerts about the low toner. For details, see Printer Meter Reading and Toner Monitor.

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