How To Clean Your Printer ?

On some printer models (for example, HP), the cartridge can be cleaned through the printer control panel. In the Settings section select “Tools and Cartridge Cleaning and print a blank white paper.”

You can also clean the cartridge using the HP Solution Center. In the Print Settings section, select Maintenance the printer and open the print settings window. In the device services, select cartridge cleaning and follow the program instructions until you receive prints of the required quality.

If these methods did not help, and the print quality did not improve, try cleaning the contacts with the cartridge itself directly.

Remove the cartridge from the printer, release it from the servers, and prepare a smooth, uniform fabric that does not contain fibers or fibers, as well as soft rubber swabs and clean filtered water. Clean the cartridges one by one – first remove one cartridge for no more than 30 minutes, then reinstall it and remove the second.

Check for foreign spots and ink clips on the cartridge contacts.

Dampen a rubber swab or a piece of fabric with clean water, then gently press the copper nails without touching the nozzle, and keep the cartridge on both sides. Leave the pins for 10 minutes. After that, install the cartridge again, making sure that when installing it, there was a distinct flick. Then remove the second cartridge and do the same with it.

In addition to cleaning the copper contacts, it may be necessary to clean the areas around the cartridge nozzles – dust, ink stains, and dirt often accumulate in these areas. To clean the cartridge surface around the nozzles, you need the same materials used to clean the copper. Do not touch the contacts and nozzles with your fingers during the cleaning process.

Remove the cartridge for cleaning on a flat surface with the nozzles on top. Dampen the swab with water and pressure, then wipe the edges of the nozzles and their surrounding areas. The nozzle panels themselves do not need to be cleaned – this can lead to their deactivation. Replace the cartridge and close the printer cover. Check the print quality change.

Cleaning the HP cartridge
Tip 2: How to clean the printer
If the printer does not print correctly, it most likely requires diagnosis and repair. Violations in the operation of the printer are often caused by contamination, in which case, you can try cleaning the inside surfaces of the printer yourself to improve its performance.

Do not use flammable or aerosol cleaning agents during the cleaning process. If the ink from the cartridge gets your clothes off, remove it with a dry cloth and wash your clothes in cold water.

To avoid burns, do not touch the smelter and its surroundings. If ink splashes, do not allow it to enter airways.
Turn off the printer and remove the cover before cleaning. Wipe the dust treatment paper from dust and dirt with a soft dry cloth, taking care not to damage the mechanism.

Do not press the receipt and recording rollers – wipe gently. Then gently clean the transfer roller guides and assemble them with the same fabric. To prevent the stains on the paper and their square from being removed, clean the output roller with a cloth.

Open the top cover to remove the cartridge from the printer. Gently unscrew the poles and pull the cartridge out without touching the contacts and prevent the cartridge from staying in bright light for long periods.

Clean the surface of the housing cartridge with a soft, dry cloth, without using aerosols or volatile solvents. Clean the surface of the charging roller, then put it back in the cartridge, and then install the cartridge in place inside the printer and safe using the tanks.

Wipe the dust goggles in the laser unit with a soft cotton swab, and also without using fluids. After cleaning, close all printer covers and check print quality by connecting them to a computer.

Tip 3: How to clean the cartridge from the printer
So far, laser printers have become particularly popular. However, in stores you can still find inkjet devices and cartridges for them. Unfortunately, it is with them that most problems arise. In particular, when printing, white lines, lines, etc. are formed. To get rid of this problem, it is necessary to clean the cartridge from the printer.

Most modern inkjet printers are equipped with a special program that cleans the cartridge automatically. If you have this device model, just go to the control panel and open the printer settings. There select the section “Cartridge cleaning tools”. Print a blank sheet to verify system operation.

If there is no such functionality, download the “Solution Center” program from disk, in its properties search for the “Print Settings” section. Here you need to select “Printer Maintenance” and open the “Print Settings” window. Check the box to clean the cartridge and wait for the processor instructions. Most likely, you will have to “run out” a few pieces of paper to achieve the desired result.

If none of the options above work, clean the cartridge contacts yourself. To do this, open the printer, displace the services that hold the cartridge, and remove the device item. Remember that it allows you to take out the cartridges for a maximum of 30 minutes, so clean them one by one.

Use this pre-fabricated soft fabric without eye-catching or lint fibers, rubber swabs and filtered water.

After removing the cartridge, check its surface for ink stains or other contaminants.

Take a piece of fabric, soak it in water and squeeze it well. Now wipe the copper contacts of the cartridge, taking care not to touch the nozzle. Hold the device when it is necessary for both sides. Leave the cartridge on the table for 10 minutes and wait for it to dry

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